Frequently Asked Questions

Liger X is the world’s first auto-balancing Scooter. It enhances safety and comfort for 2-wheeler riders. The riders don’t need to put their feet down when they stop. Auto-balancing helps new riders adopt two wheelers faster. The rider can elegantly use the reverse gear without having to back pedal.

Liger X will come in two variants
Liger X

  • 65 kmph top speed
  • Auto-balancing (2 Riders up to 150 kg)
  • Range of 60 km
  • Removable battery
  • LCD Display
  • Learner Mode
  • Auto-balanced Reverse Mode
  • Mobile App
  • OTA upgrades

Liger X+

  • 65 kmph top speed
  • Auto-balancing (2 Riders up to 150 kg)
  • 100 Km Range
  • Advanced Rider Safety
  • Assist System (ARSAS)
  • TFT Display
  • Learner Mode
  • Auto-balanced Reverse Mode
  • Mobile App
  • OTA upgrades

Liger X – INR 1,00,000 – 1,10,000*
Liger X+ – INR 1,30,000 – 1,40,000*
(does not include taxes and FAME II/state subsidies which may be applicable at the time of launch)

  • Eco (Eco Friendly, Economical, Efficient - Acceleration / Speed limited. Top speed 45kmph)
  • Sports (Peak Power / Performance - Top speed 65 kmph)
  • Learner (Training mode with speed limited to 5-10 kmph with Auto-Balancing activated)
  • Reverse.

In Eco Mode, the Liger X runs for fuel economy, while sport mode offers faster acceleration. The Reverse mode allows pulling the vehicle elegantly out of the parking lot or pulling back when the rider overruns the stop. The learner mode is specifically designed for new riders, looking to build confidence in riding a 2-wheeler.

Liger X is available in 5 colors – Grey, Polar White, Blue, Titanium, Red

Liger X is currently under testing and homologation. We are working towards making our first Deliveries by Diwali

We will be opening Pre-Orders for users to book Liger X in the coming months. At present people can visit our website and express their interest.

About Ashutosh
A graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Ashutosh has vigorous hands-on experience of building products and ventures across diverse technologies and segments. Before co-founding Liger Mobility, he built multiple ventures and worked with global organizations such as Airbus, Tata Consulting Engineers, Valmet, Atkins, Infosys across India and Europe.


About Vikas
After obtaining his BTech and Mtech degrees in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, Vikas worked on core chip designing at Nvidia. He then went for an MBA in Finance from ISB. Post MBA, he added experiences across Strategy, Finance & Operations. Having acquired the necessary Technical and business tools to run a venture, Vikas co-founded Liger Mobility to continue his passion for technology.

About Ashutosh
There are no such plans as of now. We may consider strategic partnerships and collaborations to scale across geographies and segments in the long run.
About Vikas
After obtaining his BTech and Mtech degrees in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, Vikas worked on core chip designing at Nvidia. He then went for an MBA in Finance from ISB. Post MBA, he added experiences across Strategy, Finance & Operations. Having acquired the necessary Technical and business tools to run a venture, Vikas co-founded Liger Mobility to continue his passion for technology.

We have been working with several Tier 1 manufacturers for development and supply of various subsystems. Some of our partners are Spark Minda, Lucas TVS, JK Tyres, Uno Minda, Napino.

We’re working closely with the regulators in order to analyse and fulfil various requirements.

Liger-X is designed for two riders of 75 kg each. The total weight of 150 kg + vehicle curb weight + margins.

Liger-X comes with a unique patented technology, which allows the vehicle to work in Auto-balancing as well as regular mode. The switch between modes can be made instantaneously.

Balancing mode is used at low speeds and at stops. Regular mode is used when the Balancing feature is not required. The vehicle can lean and turn like a regular vehicle.

Balancing is strong enough to sway a riderless vehicle on the side stand (leaning at 10 degrees) to vertical (0 degrees). Technically, there is no limitation on the strength of Balancing. It is quite configurable. For the present version we have chosen a configuration which provides optimal cost vs benefit.

The mode can be controlled by the user with a switch. The vehicle sound indicates to the user that the vehicle is in Balancing mode or Regular mode.
Also, the display indicates the status of Balancing.

Liger-X weighs close to 100 Kg
Liger-X+ weighs under 110 Kg

Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Lit motors have unveiled concept vehicles. We are not aware of their commercialization timelines.

Auto-Balancing is the building block for autonomous and remote driven two wheelers, which are relevant for improving operational efficiency and customer experience in Shared Mobility markets. Autonomous Two wheelers also have applications in the defence sector.

Liger is a very unique member of the Cat family. It’s the biggest cat and also very rare. It’s a hybrid of Lion and Tiger. We chose the name Liger because we set out with vision to bring some comfort of 4 wheelers to the convenience of Two wheelers.

The Liger X has a range of 60 km in Eco Mode on a full charge. Liger X also comes with a removable battery

While Liger X+ has a range of 100 km in Eco mode.

The range obtained by a user shall depend on factors such as: age of the battery, road and traffic conditions, tyre condition and inflation, riding style, load on the vehicle, use of electrical accessories such as lamps and horn and mobile phone charging etc.

Liger X comes with liquid cooled batteries, which are compliant to the latest AIS 156 standards – the most stringent certification global standards for batteries.  High quality cells, efficient cooling, Robust Battery Management System (BMS), cell balancing all make Liger X battery packs longer lasting and safer.

You may use any normal 220V, 5A, 3 pin earthed socket to Charge your Liger X with the provided Liger X charger. In such a case, the consumer is responsible for any damage to the Liger X onboard equipment due to voltage above 270V rms or any other electrical issues or malfunction at charging place.
In addition, you may purchase a Liger X branded home charging Box, that protects your charging cable and Liger X from voltage and current surges from the electricity supply line. It also secures your Liger X charging cable so that it can be connected and disconnected only by the owner. While it is not compulsory for you to purchase a home charging box, it is strongly recommended that you do so.

How long does the battery last in a Liger X electric scooter?

The Liger X comes with a liquid cooled battery which is designed to last for 1500-2000 cycles which normally takes 10 years, provided the user ensures the lithium-ion battery is kept charged above 15% of capacity and used regularly. We offer a warranty of 3 years or 50000 kms (whichever comes earlier).

Liger X with 60 km range, can run for 60,000-100,000kms.

Liger X+ with 100 km range, can run for 100,000-150,000kms.

In all lithium-ion battery Electric Vehicles the battery capacity, and hence specified range, reduces with time, use and cumulative charge-discharge cycles. A lithium-ion Battery is considered acceptable and within specified life when it has up to 70% capacity of a brand-new battery. Post the same, the old battery can be sold or used in static applications and replaced by purchasing a new battery.

Buying a new evolving category like electric scooters can be daunting. To address some of your concerns related to safety of the Liger X whether it be while charging, in parking or in an unforeseen circumstance, we have put together some answers to questions that you may have.

While designing the Liger X, safety of the rider and vehicle is of paramount consideration. There have been conscious choices made at every step to ensure a safe & incident-free ownership experience.

  • Use of high-quality battery cells

    Liger X uses high quality advanced chemistry Lithium-Ion cells sourced directly from only reputed top-quality manufacturers in the world. We validate cell consistency and use automated sorting and batching prior to battery assembly. Within the battery itself, we use multiple internal safety measures like a Current Interruption Device that isolates the cell in any event of specific malperformance.

  • Implementation of stringent performance management solution

    We have strived to strike the right balance between battery safety, battery life and performance delivery in the Liger X. The Battery Management System and the Liger central vehicle computer work together to deliver the appropriate performance
    while monitoring battery health to prevent the occurrence of any undesirable outcomes.

  • Charging only through a Liger Charger

    Liger X uses an integrated on-board charger to ensure that there is no potential misuse of the charger and charging parameters. Safety features like automatic earth detection, broken neutral detection, voltage and current surge isolation are implemented internally within the vehicle itself with no dependence on outside equipment. Further, Liger X prohibits use of fast charging to ensure that the battery is never in the range where safety could potentially be compromised.

  • Designed for Indian conditions

    Liger X is a ground up design for the hot, dusty and varied Indian environment. Apart from IP67 water resistance rating, carefully chosen battery chemistry and Custom electronics that built to meet the robust demands of India commuters

Any automobile is susceptible to risk due to the inherent energy density of the fuel stored in the vehicle’s energy storage unit (similar to a tank of petrol present in most automobiles). Liger X stores its energy – electricity- in its battery and is designed to operate safely and reliably in all seasons and terrains, provided the following basic care is taken by users.

  • Charge from an earthed AC 220V 5A three pin household socket that is earthed and in good condition

Charging must be done in dry conditions from a sheltered and earthed standard 3 pin plug point in good condition with a 10A rated MCB for protection. This is essential for safety and installation of the charging point should be done by a competent electrician. Where possible, Liger X recommends use of industrial socket complying with IEC 60309 (15A, single-phase)

  • Usage with the genuine charging cable only

Liger X is sold with its own charging cable that has inbuilt safety devices to isolate the vehicle and charger in-case there is any earthing leakage or isolation. The Charging cable is a primary safety device supporting IEC 60309 industrial standard with a Snap-On adapter for the standard household 3 pin 5A socket. Never use any other cable for charging! You are welcome to purchase additional OEM charging cables from your Liger X dealership, if you desire.

  • Service at specified scheduled intervals at authorised workshops only.

Any vehicle is prone to deterioration with use. This is due to the effect of wear and tear, temperature, moisture etc. Only a Liger X Authorised workshop / technician / service partner has all the necessary tools and qualified technicians to check and restore your vehicle hardware and software to its technically correct condition. Please ensure that you have your Liger X serviced as indicated in your owner's manual. You may locate your nearest authorised Liger X service station on www.Liger

  • In case of an unlikely thermal incident please follow the below steps

  • If you see smoke/fire or feel excessive heat. Stop the vehicle at an open space and maintain a safe distance.
  • In the unlikely event, extinguish fire by using a large and sustained amount of fire extinguisher.
  • Please call and inform your Liger X Dealership for assistance.

Liger X offers a warranty of 50000 km or 3 years (whichever comes earlier) on the product and the Lithium-ion battery. The tyres have a warranty of 12 months. Warranty is effective from the date of the Liger X sales invoice.
The replacement or repair of parts under warranty, including the lithium-ion battery, shall be at the sole discretion of Liger Mobility Pvt Ltd. Warranty on tyres shall be at the sole discretion of their respective manufacturers. Warranty and any claim arising thereof is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Pune only.

Vehicle prices

While booking a Liger X on the website, you will get the indicative breakup of total on-road price.
The on-road price on the date and time of final vehicle sale invoice is treated as final and binding.

Liger X prices may vary across cities and states. Please refer to the price breakup provided for your city / state during booking.

Will there be any price difference across different dealers in my city?

Ex-showroom price in a city is the same for all dealerships in that city.

Is the price mentioned during booking remains fixed till delivery?

No. The prices mentioned during booking are indicative, as on the date of booking. The price as on final vehicle sale Invoice date is treated as final and binding.

Is FAME II subsidy available on Liger X?

FAME-II subsidy benefit, as approved by the department of heavy industries, Govt. of India, will be known before the launch of the Liger X. The applicable subsidy amount will be displayed in the price breakup at the time of online booking.
Please note, the subsidy is the government's short-term initiative to promote EV’s and may or may not be continued after March 2024.  Subsidy is available for a customer only on purchase of one electric vehicle (any make, any type of electric vehicle) and subject to approval from department of heavy industries, Govt. of India. Customers who have already availed subsidy benefit on any electric vehicle (any make, any type of electric vehicle) are not eligible for claiming FAME subsidy on the subsequent electric vehicles purchased.
The customer shall provide an undertaking with regard to FAME subsidy. The vehicle is sold subject to such an undertaking. Liger Mobility shall not be responsible for the veracity of the said undertaking and any liabilities or consequences arising in case of false undertaking shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. Further, the customer shall indemnify Liger Mobility or any of its associated parties against any losses or liabilities incurred by Liger Mobility or any of its associated parties in the event of such losses or liabilities arising out of a false undertaking.
The final price at the time of invoice shall be inclusive of approved subsidies and the customer shall make the full payment as on date and time of vehicle invoice.

Each State Govt. has its own policy on electric two wheelers. Eligibility of subsidy on Liger X is currently under evaluation. Any State Govt. subsidy that is provided to Liger Mobility Pvt Ltd. as the manufacturer of Liger X shall be passed on directly to the buyer in accordance with the applicable State Govt. policies. This would be reflected suitably in the price details under the heading of State Govt. subsidy (wherever applicable). Any State Govt. subsidies such as reduced registration charges or road tax would reflect in actual figures under road tax and registration. Other State Govt. subsidies may need to be claimed directly by the buyer from the Govt. in which case they are not shown in the price payable by a buyer. Buyers are advised to check with their respective State Govt. websites on the procedure for claiming subsidy. Terms & Conditions apply.

Some state Governments may offer subsidies on purchase of electric vehicles, where customers have to directly claim the subsidy benefits from the respective state Govt. department after vehicle delivery. In such cases, customers shall submit the claim to the state Government department, as per the defined process in the respective state. The documents required shall be provided by the dealership at the time of vehicle delivery.

No. The state Government subsidy offered by various state Governments makes it mandatory to purchase and register a vehicle in the same state where the customer is residing and getting a vehicle registered.

As agreed by you during purchase of Liger X and declaration submitted, the subsidy provided to you in advance at the time of purchase is subject to approval from the respective Govt. departments. In case of subsidy rejection by the Govt. department, the dealership shall get in touch with you for the balance payment to the dealership.