Liger Mobility Unveils A Self-Balancing and Self-Parking Scooter!


Would it be awesome to park your scooter at a secluded space and be able to call it to come to you? What about a scooter that would sit at a stoplight without needing you to hold it upright? Well, Liger Mobility managed to create a self-balancing and self-parking scooter.

Other larger companies, like Honda, tried implementing this technology. This scooter is probably the first application of such gyroscopic technology in a smaller bike. Actually, this tech is certainly more suitable for a scooter. Why is that so? Well, smaller scooters maneuver in tight spaces, and the self-balancing feature would ease up that process.

Liger uses a gyroscopic device combined with some very clever circuitry to make this electric scooter work. The team that develops this bike is based in India. Also, the bike is designed with the Indian market in mind.

Small scooters like this one are popular in India. This is certainly an innovative technology and something that we’re going to follow in the future.

See the Liger scooter in action, in the video below!

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