Self Balancing Scooter for India developed by IITians will make the ride easy and safe


Self Balancing technology can be in your scooter or bike at 10% of additional cost only

Day by day the technologies are getting advance. We all had heard about the self balancing bike back in 2016 when BMW had unveiled the self balancing bike fitted with emission-less engine. The company released as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations. Again, in 2017 when Honda had shown its self balancing bike along with the Riding Assist technology. It was the concept model exhibited at CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow. But till now we have not seen those technology at our Indian Roads.

Year by year time passes away and Liger Mobility is an EV startup which is incubated at SINE-IIT Bombay* developed a very unique “Self Balancing Technology” which enables a two-wheeler to balance itself and makes the ride safer and fignificantly comfortable.

Asutosh from the IIT Kharagpur has 15+ year of experience in building technology products with multiple companies in India and Europe.

Vikash Poddar
Co-founder of Liger Mobility

Vikash is an engineering graduate from IIT Madras and MBA from ISB. He has the experience of working in area of technollgy, strategy and finance.

Technology Highlights:

Self Balancing-
Either you are driving or you are at red light traffic signal, this technology gives complete freedom to keep Feet on the footboard, not on the road. Let self technology balance your bike or scooter in all the situation and you drive very much comfortably. This technology will be very helpful during the dumper to dumper traffic conditions and now no need to worry about soiling your shoes when you are forced to stop over that puddle of water.

Voice Activated Parking Assist:-
Don’t worry if you have parked your bike or scooter in any tight space. Voice Activated Parking Assit will help you to bring your vehile to you remotely with the help of Voice Activated Parking Assist. Self-balancing technology helps in this function.

Adoptive Balancing:-
This is one added feature or advantage over the self balancing technology. Whenever you are driving alone or with pilion the intelligent balancing System is fully adaptive to the varying loads even from the sides.

Story behind the “Liger Mobility


When they decided to work on something new technology to make the driving experience better then they come to the point to do something which can truely transform the riding the experience of two wheeler. To create the differenciated offering the idea of “self balancing” 2 wheeler technology was the more better than doing the same thing which all are doing in the market. This technology can enhance the driving experience and safety of the petrol or any electric 2 wheelers. Real engineering has been applied and after several prototype now company has done the petent for this technology. Company claims that to incorporate this technology in any two wheeler the cost will be very less or some what equal to the 10% cost of the two-wheeler.

About SINE IIT Bombay:

Society for innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), supports the growing or nascent startups and alos provide a platform to rising entrepruneurers to nurture their innotive ideas through the mentorship. SINE is an umbrella organisation at IIT Bombay which administers a business incubator which provvides ‘Start to Scale’ support for technology based entrepreneureship , helps them in research activity. The Mission of SINE IIT Bombay is – to create an ecosystem that will foster, support innovation and knowledge based entrepreneurship amongst the IIT Bombay community leading to the creation of wealth and socail value through successful ventures.

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